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09 Apr 2008, 18:45
Hey I am trying to create dotted lines under the links for the forum titles... I can get it to work for the forum category titles because I can edit it in the CSS, but the alt and alt2 only lets me do what vb allows me to do? unless I am missing somethin here?

So my problem in a nutshell = cant edit underline style for alt and alt2 links.

Here is a demo:

http://www.gfxsupport.com/forums (I got the category dotted underlined)

Thanks in advance!

09 Apr 2008, 20:52
What do you mean you can't edit the underline style for alt1 and alt2 links? Can't you go to Styles & Templates > Style Manager > find your style on the list > select Main CSS next to it and edit it there?

09 Apr 2008, 21:11
i thought I could but how??? can I add full css statements into the box on the right for (extra attributes?) I tried that and it did nothing???????

just guidance needs to be pointed, I can do the rest

I am noob to vB system but not noob to dev heh

09 Apr 2008, 21:16
It has stuff about links in the box where it says Normal Links CSS, Visited Links CSS, or Hover Links CSS under the "text-decoration" box there - like where I put dotted in this example:

09 Apr 2008, 21:32
yea thats what i mean... for the underline stuff... i got choices of:

none and underline???

unless I could use more? if so what values can I use to change it??? I tried adding the correct css into the extra css fields but it only changes the text that dont link

its driving me crazy, im about to dig into files soon lol, wheres the master css file???

09 Apr 2008, 21:35
You can put anything in those box - put dotted right where I put it (actually, don't put dotted here, see below!) in that image and also under Visited and Hover text-decoration also. It's not a drop-down box. Well, you should only put legal css in the box - anything else won't do anything.

CSS text-decoration properties (http://www.w3schools.com/css/pr_text_text-decoration.asp) (dotted is not listed as valid for that property)

10 Apr 2008, 02:04