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11 Apr 2008, 05:18
Hello there
The problem :
our members use external images /files upload centers in their posts; these links don't work after a while.

What programs can I use to establish images upload service for members.
That is in addition to the attachments function in posts.

I've seen forums have a link (upload files/pics) , browse, then it creates a link to be placed in the posts for the image or file.


11 Apr 2008, 15:15
All those do is upload to say photobucket. They will still get deleted. The best way is to host the images on your server.

12 Apr 2008, 00:24
You can always set up a imageshack.us similar script on your server and then restrict it to your userbase. Then, refuse external services being posted as images on posts (I want to do this, but I couldnt yet find the way on doing so, nor spent 5 minutes googling for a solution.