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13 Apr 2008, 11:07
Daisies are my favorite flower!! This theme is soft, smooth, and feminine.
Forum categories are separated on forumhome
95% original images.
Some images usually in .gif format have been replaced by .png format. I've started doing this because I find png images to display better than gif images.
This theme is valid XHTML 1.0 Traditional, for those of you who are concerned about xhtml validation https://www.vbulletin.org/forum/LIVE DEMO (http://www.themesbydesign.net/forums/index.php?styleid=83)

Installation Instructions -
Click on the "Mark as Installed" link on the right of this post, then download the zip file to your computer and extract it (I put it on my desktop, it's easier to remember where I put it!).
Open your ftp client to your server. Go to your forum's images folder, open it, and create a styles folder.
Next, upload the daisy folder via FTP to your server, into your forum's styles folder, so that your image path is images/styles/daisy/buttons, for example.
After you've uploaded the folder, open your admin control panel on your forum, and import the xml file, by going to Styles & Templates > Download / Upload styles > Import Style XML File.
Click on the Browse button, locate the xml file for daisy, and double-click it so it loads in that box, then hit the Import button.Enjoy!

PLEASE remember to click "Mark as Installed" before you download. This way you'll be advised of all upgrades.

13 Apr 2008, 11:42
nice style :)

13 Apr 2008, 11:48
Beautiful, as always, Peggy.:up:

13 Apr 2008, 13:41
wow that is beautiful :)

Truly is :)


13 Apr 2008, 16:35
nice style :)Thank you

Beautiful, as always, Peggy.:up:THanks Dawn :D

wow that is beautiful :)

Truly is :)

RickI'm glad you like it Rick, enjoy!

13 Apr 2008, 19:31
The demo says 403 forbidden.

13 Apr 2008, 21:01
that's odd. I haven't gotten that from anyone else.

Forum Lover
14 Apr 2008, 06:07
Same here sweetheart... I got 403 error too.

14 Apr 2008, 06:36
another great style by Ohiosweetheart. ;)

14 Apr 2008, 20:02
thanx a lot

15 Apr 2008, 22:13
Same here sweetheart... I got 403 error too.

The demo says 403 forbidden.
Well darn it all. I'll talk to my host and try to get this fixed. Can you try to view it again please?

another great style by Ohiosweetheart. ;)Thank you as always, darlin'!

thanx a lotI'm glad you like it :)

17 Apr 2008, 21:56
Beautiful Peggy...as usual! :D

18 Apr 2008, 00:39
Sweet peggy! 5star

18 Apr 2008, 10:00
Beautiful Peggy...as usual! :D
I'm so glad you like it Pamela :D

Sweet peggy! 5star
How nice of you, thanks Shazz :)

18 Apr 2008, 18:55
does it work on 3.6?

18 Apr 2008, 19:50
I haven't used it on 3.6, as I designed it on a 3.7 forum, so you'd have to try it for yourself.

28 Apr 2008, 05:13
Ok that 403 Forbidden error has been taken care of.
Thanks for letting me know about it y'all :)

11 May 2008, 17:45
LOVE this style Peggy! Thanks! One problem though... when I try to delete posts or search, I get a security token error. When I switch to a different style, I can search/delete without problems. :confused:


11 May 2008, 18:22
this is most likely because this style was designed using RC3, and the security token fix didn't come til RC4. This is updated on my site, so I'll download a new xml and update it here. Give me just a bit.

11 May 2008, 19:07
*Updated to 3.7.0

12 May 2008, 00:23
*Updated to 3.7.0

Awesome - thanks! Is it just the XML that needs to be updated? Or do I need to re-upload all the files too?

hmm... and if I re-upload the new XML, I guess I'll have to redo my customizations then. :p

12 May 2008, 12:43
Unfortunately, you will :(

You only need to re-import the xml, there are no new images.

31 May 2008, 01:48
Updated to 3.7.1

06 Jul 2008, 05:24
Updated to 3.7.2 for the ladies ;)

17 Sep 2008, 07:40
I want to thank you for this, Ohiosweetheart.
Fabulous colour and not just for the ladies!
Ill put up a screenshot when Im happy with what Ive done. :)

17 Sep 2008, 20:45
great, I'd love to see it.

19 Sep 2008, 05:20
Knowing myself as I do, Im not finished with this yet but I think Im heading in the right direction and I hope you dont think Ive degraded your fine work in any way! :)

19 Sep 2008, 13:33
Not at all, it's looking good. :)

21 Sep 2008, 07:27
I just have to tell you that I think this one is really lovely.

21 Sep 2008, 08:20
keep up the good work Peggy.

21 Sep 2008, 16:18
I just have to tell you that I think this one is really lovely.

keep up the good work Peggy.

Thank you both :D

02 Mar 2009, 10:55
I like this one
simple and sweet
its an easy thread that doesn't overpower you
good job