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14 Apr 2008, 16:32
hi, i have been trying to get something to work for a day or so and cant seem to make it work.

would like to have my front page of my website have a top login box but not the ordinary one.

this is the login box here

that might be a bit dark so view at http://shadownet-online.com/inside
the top right grey box.

anyways i was wondering if i could get some how in php the login to start as such. blue represents links.

Already have an account? Login here
Don't have an account? Sign Up Now!

login will go to a login page and signup will send you to the registration page. then after they have logged in i would like for their avatar on the left, the the whole avatars are 90x90, and i would like to have this beside the avatar.

Welcome, username.
You last visited: 09 Apr 2008 at 14:20.
Private Messages : 0 unread, Total 0.

i would like to have this feature through out the entire website. and the vbulletin is in a separate directory and can be linked. website is being built in php.

Thanks for any help


14 Apr 2008, 21:29