View Full Version : Logo Required

16 Apr 2008, 02:18
Hello everybody, this is a free unpaid request, please.

I have recently started developing a vBulletin modification and need a logo for my website.

The logo will be use here http://www.paulsonny.com/forum/index.php and will be replacing the current default vbulletin logo.

Not too bothered about colours as long as it will match the current colour scheme, decided to stick with the default style.

I would like the size to be roughly the same size as it is now.

The style used I believe is fluid.

I am hoping to get something like a blue/black/grey moon type image with PaulSonny next to it. Then, in little text below "The Development Team".

Please feel free to ask any further questions.

Thanks, any help is very much appreciated, Paul.

16 Apr 2008, 06:33
Can you send me a sketch? I will give it a try ;)