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16 Apr 2008, 16:25
hi i had installed http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1492172 and when i go and implement it into my own php files with its own globals i get an error

"header already sent" and what not when all my globals hold is the link to my css file. is there a way to get css to work in this without the error showing up.

16 Apr 2008, 16:29
If you have a question regarding a modification, the best place to ask is in the modification thread since they know the code best and are most familiar with any errors or modifications you may want.

16 Apr 2008, 16:35
this error has also hapened with other external mods. anything that references to vbulletin gives me this error

16 Apr 2008, 16:46
Common causes normally include some kind of (html or otherwise) output from the script.

16 Apr 2008, 16:51
the only html exported from my own global script is a link to the css files. ive taken out my css completely to see what would happen but then it messed up my background images that link to the css but the php from vbulletin was woring fine. anyone know how to get the css into a php script so these errors do not occur?

16 Apr 2008, 16:55
This was taken from the modification thread:
Here are some common causes and fixes.

Headers already sent or cookies already sent errors. Chances are that there is something, even just a space before the 4 lines of code in part 1. Edit this and ensure that there are no spaces before it.

If you can't fix it then you'll have to wait for a reply in the modification thread.

16 Apr 2008, 16:58
thanks for the help ill try that out. if that doesnt work ill have no idea.

16 Apr 2008, 16:59
Just put your css into the extra css fields in the style options.
Your trying to out put headers by adding the link to your css code and vbulletin already sent the headers.

16 Apr 2008, 17:01
oh i never thought about that. definately going to try that one out.

16 Apr 2008, 17:04
I'm pretty sure that will work.

16 Apr 2008, 17:19
no the css just disapears and my php doesnt reconize the style.css but it affects the forum

EDIT: placed the css link in the forums global and it worked!

16 Apr 2008, 17:54
Thats where I said to put it.

16 Apr 2008, 19:00
woh i just noticed something now. i went to my forums directory and now its showing the error i was getting on the non vbulletin rendered page

Unable to add cookies, header already sent.
File: /home/shadowne/public_html/community/global.php
Line: 2

but my page outside the forums is fine

any ideas?

16 Apr 2008, 19:02
How did you add it?

16 Apr 2008, 19:05
i use the catch link

<link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> and then the php starts afterwards

16 Apr 2008, 19:21
No not that way!!!

Copy all the css code out of the file and place that in admincp -> style options -> Main CSS

Then all the way at the bottom "Additional CSS Definitions"
Then put it in the box that says (Customized in this Style)
Remember to copy the code do not post the link in there.

16 Apr 2008, 19:47
i had tryed that an no effect on both templates. i put it in both of the additional css definitions at different intervals and no effect again. i had alsoo tryed the link and no effect again. is there a css file on the server somewhere where i could drop my css in manually?

16 Apr 2008, 19:53
You cant have dupes like you cant have body from your css code as vbulletin already has that.
So make sure you don't have any doubles.

Only other suggestion I can suggest with out seeing what you have is to add the link in the header include bit.

16 Apr 2008, 20:07
no the header include had no effect. also the code i am working with has no doubbles that i can find.

so i have tryed style changes, additional css definitions, and adding to the header include.

all of witch had no effect. if i could some how get the style css to connect or copy into the global files that would help alot.

16 Apr 2008, 20:11
I don't know what else to say as I have did this and it works just fine.

16 Apr 2008, 22:27
You cannot output anything before including the global file. If you do, you will get the error you are getting.

16 Apr 2008, 22:49
What is this "globals" thing you keep going on about? What is your knowledge of PHP coding? Give us an insight into how that modification functions then maybe someone will be able to assist you better. As I stressed earlier there cannot be any kind of output until after global.php has been included (or that modification does what ever it needs too).

17 Apr 2008, 14:36
well i fixed it i added a new include with html style tags <style type"text/css"> blah blah </style>

thanks for all your help earlyer trying to figure this out with me!

Regards, CommanderFluffy