View Full Version : Displaying DHTML Menus Above Flash Banners

18 Apr 2008, 16:45
Hello Guys!

At first i had the exact problem, and i looked for a solution here in vb.org but couldn't find one, so when i finally did find a solution, i felt i'm obligated to write a short article.

So let's get to business:

PROBLEM: DHTML menus (i.e. Thread Tools) are displayed behind flash banners.


The solution is the Window Mode (wmode).
There are three types of window mode:

Window: This is the default value for wmode, it makes the flash banner to always shown on top.
Opaque: Will let you see the DHTML menu over the flash banner, however if there are transparent parts in the banner, you won't be able to see the HTML which is behind the flash banner (usually the background).
Transparent: Just like the opaque mode, but will let you see the the HTML in the transparent places in the banner. For example, if you have a transparent place in the banner, and the background of the HTML page is black, then you'll see the color black in the transparent places.So, to use the wmode, all you have to do is:

Add the folowing parameter to the object tag: <param name="wmode" value="opaque">
Add the following line to the EMBED tag: wmode="opaque"(NOTICE: "opaque" mode was just an example in the above, you can either use "window", "opaque" or "transparent").

I hope i helped someone, and i'll see you later in further articles.