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19 Apr 2008, 15:32
At the moment, at least in RC2 - the tags 'input field' is placed below the message area, so it's easy for a person to skip right over it without noticing it.

So I moved it to underneath the title input field. This way it is more prominent to the eye. However, I have not edited the tab route so tabbing across will still go from 'title' to 'message area'.

This is very simple to impliment and apply, just download the attached text file for full instructions. There are no additional queries and only a minor template edit required which requires use of the CUT and PASTE functions.

To see it working, you can try this:


(it allows guest posts in that specific forum)

19 Apr 2008, 17:21
Nice, works great, thanks :)

19 Apr 2008, 17:32
Glad you like :)

20 Apr 2008, 04:30
Thank you very much

20 Apr 2008, 15:37
Can I ask what your site is about?

20 Apr 2008, 15:38
Already did it! Don't know why this wasn't how it was originally designed. :)

22 Apr 2008, 18:09
Can I ask what your site is about?Not pertinent to this subject, but it's about things we see on television where hitting men is 'funny', and feminists make unsubstantiated claims against men as a class - even to the point of calling for gendercide (killing people based on sex). Misandry is 'hatred of men' and 'anti misandry' is basically pointing out men are not 'bad' just because we're men, women are bad too (e.g. not many people know, but mothers are the primary abusers of children - yet when you read papers and such, only rarely do women murderers /abusers of children get a mention - you could be forgiven for 'believing' men are the most common abusers/murderers of kids because female abusers/murderers so-rarely get a mention).

Already did it! Don't know why this wasn't how it was originally designed. :)

Same here - it seems much more sensible up there than down the bottom, hidden away.

25 Apr 2008, 00:04
I love the mod that searches for similar threads when you enter the title..... is this available anywhere?

28 Apr 2008, 19:39
Thank you for this. I have one issue ---- the tags will not show anywhere on the "go advanced".

All my templates were reverted so I don't know why the tags are not showing there.

Thanks in advance.

07 Nov 2015, 19:27
If Tags are more then it will not good to show in TOP