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19 Apr 2008, 18:27
Xeon Z4™ Player Installation Guide


Design by: Syrus XL Media™
Demo: http://www.digitalport.co.uk/digital/index.php

vBulletin 3.6.x and above (3.7 compatible) (http://www.vbulletin.com)
The XEON Mp3 Player for vBulletin 3.6.X Integrated (Modification) (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=129641)
You will need both the aforementioned installed before you can use this player. This modification is also available from our main website.

In your forum root find xeon_mp3_beta.swf and delete it.
Rename the xeonz4.swf included in this package to xeon_mp3_beta.swf and upload it to your forum root.

Edit the template – mp3player_popup
Delete all code and replace all code with the following:

<!-- js flashobject -->
<div align="center" width="100%" id="xeon_player">
Warning!!! To view this Mp3 Player please enable JavaScript and Flash!
<script type="text/javascript">
var fo = new FlashObject("xeon_mp3_beta.swf", "xeon_player", "450", "400", "8,0,0,0", "#E1E1E2");
fo.addParam("quality", "high");
<!-- js flashobject -->

The value #E1E1E2 can be changed to suit your own background color HEX value. This player uses an alpha coloration background which may look strange if used with a dark HEX color value.

Enjoy your new look player!:)

Brought to you by Syrus XL Media™ – Audio/Video Flash Specialists
Developers of vB PowerStreamer© – Release Date (TBA)

19 Apr 2008, 18:28

19 Apr 2008, 18:39
First download:)

20 Apr 2008, 00:30
Thanks - works fine ... how to make block for cmps - 3.0 ?

have vbulletin 3.7 rc-3!



20 Apr 2008, 02:46
Currently, we do not have vBa CMPS installed on our site or the development test board. vBa CMPS version 3.0 did have a few changes made, therefore we'll need to check it fully works, before releasing the modification to work within this CMPS. Obviously, because of its size, it will be coded for center block use only.

We will be releasing side-column players as well, basically smaller in width for forum column use or vBa CMPS. This maybe some time though since we are developing a major commercial release at the moment.

20 Apr 2008, 02:48
this is probably a stupid question, but do u know of any place I can upload my mp3s to get urls?

or just get a url from my own database?

20 Apr 2008, 02:56
this is probably a stupid question, but do u know of any place I can upload my mp3s to get urls?

or just get a url from my own database?

The player can work from internal or external urls to Mp3's - a list of places that people have suggested to us can be found here:

20 Apr 2008, 05:29
Thank you very much

20 Apr 2008, 09:56
You're welcome! :)

21 Apr 2008, 13:25
Installed but I am having the problem with the Javascript enabled. I think I have done everything you suggested. Putting the
<script type="text/javascript" src="clientscript/flashobject.js"></script> above the <script type="text/javascript" src="clientscript/vbulletin_global.js?v=$vboptions[simpleversion]"></script>
<if condition="$show['popups']">
<script type="text/javascript" src="clientscript/vbulletin_menu.js?v=$vboptions[simpleversion]"></script></if>
<if condition="$vboptions['externalrss']">

I have put the all the files in the correct corresponding: admincp, includes, and clientscript folders.

Root Folder

> xeon_mp3_beta
> mp3playerindex.php
> mp3playlist.php

Admin CP

> mp3player_admin.php


> flashobject.js

includes -> xml folder

> bitfield_mp3player.xml
> cpnav_mp3player.xml

As you can see from my forums: www.GRevForums.net the Player is at the bottom of the page in a collapsable table. Would this affect the coding I use? - EDIT: Moved it to the navbar instead.

I have viewed all the posts in these boards relating to the javascript error and also looked on your own forums and have tried all the fixes there aswell. The flashobject file is in the clientscript folder, I have tried both relative and absolute urls for the headinclude code. I cant think of anything else I can do to fix it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


22 Apr 2008, 18:51

28 Apr 2008, 22:46

Why can't non-registered users use the mp3player? (I had to get rid of the <if></if>)

01 Jul 2008, 21:23
OK I got this downloaded to my site at www.deathdealersofwar.com but when you select the mp3 player from the forums link at the top it says you have to activate the javascript and flash. Not sure what casues this if it is talking about the ones on the computer they are already active and if it is for the site i don't know where to find that to turn it on.

31 Jul 2008, 07:06
mp3 player for user profile and he can add his songs manually or uploaded it to be run in the player
and every user has his playlist in his profile only

31 Jul 2008, 20:16
is there a way to use my own navbar gif button so it looks like the other ones on the navbar?

31 Jul 2008, 22:46
brilliant mod for vbulletin, was disapointed it didnt do shout cast, lol, but after a gd few hours i got it, just type this in where you type the mp3's url.

obviosly changing the radio ip and port in the link tho lol. works a treat,

19 Aug 2008, 15:39
perfect thanks

20 Aug 2008, 22:49
any chance of getting the player custom skinned with my sites info?

21 Aug 2008, 03:34
Customization details can be found on our main site:



18 Oct 2008, 10:28
Thanks but I am still getting the same looking player ( The dark blue 1)..

18 Oct 2008, 14:34
Is this mod the installation/embedding instructions for the Xeon player?

Do you have to purchase the player separately?

Neutral Singh
24 Dec 2008, 09:04
Is it possible that when a members lands on the forumhome... a popup automatically starts the MP3 player and plays the mp3 randomly once in each session, so that it does not reload per forumhome view in a given session. that would be great.

26 Dec 2008, 05:30
am i going to be the first to test this on vb3.8.0 candidate2?

18 Aug 2012, 10:48
would be awesome to have this work in vB4.2...I'll give you a nice donation if you can!

31 Aug 2012, 01:08
would be awesome to have this work in vB4.2...I'll give you a nice donation if you can!

Actually, because of the time span and with vBulletin 5.0 coming closer it would not be worth recoding this product for the vB4 series.

Our intention is to release it for vBulletin 5.x series which I am hoping will be heading towards HTML5 and more CSS3. If this is the case then the product will be using jQuery and not Flash, to allow tracks to load quicker.