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30 Apr 2008, 16:54
This template modification shouldn't have any problems working with any version of vBulletin 3.7.x. Now, let's be honest. I don't own a vBulletin at all or a website anymore. I am deployed to Iraq, no time. One of the site's that I frequent to often allows it's user's to use the profile customization feature. I tend to create different looks for my fellow members of this site. I got tired of searching google for the color codes, so I decided to create a really quick page, that members can access from your site.

I used the HowTo create your own vBulletin-powered page! (uses vB templates) to create this. So thanks, and credits go to Gary King for that.
- I put the link for the color code charts to only show when the adminstrator allows members to customize their profiles.

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- colorcode.php to main forum directory.
- Create a new template titled Color Code and insert the contents.

Creat a new phrase:
- Insert into master language: Yes
- Phrase Type: Global
- Product: vBulletin
- Varname: user_color_code
- Text: Color Chart

Open User Control Panel Templates > UserCP Shell
- Search for:

<if condition="$show['customizelink']"> <tr><td class="$navclass[customize]" nowrap="nowrap"><a class="smallfont" href="profile.php?$session[sessionurl]do=customize">$vbphrase[customize_profile]</a></td></tr>

- Underneath Add This:
<tr><td class="alt2" nowrap="nowrap"><a class="smallfont" href="colorcode.php$session[sessionurl_q]">$vbphrase[user_color_code]</a></td></tr>

Save and that's it.
There are no screen-shots.
- I could not figure out how to make them collapse. Maybe someone can help with that.

30 Apr 2008, 17:33
Scrrenshots ?

30 Apr 2008, 17:38
I wouldn't mind giving you a screenshot Codershark. I'm in a very talked about area of the world right now. I'm working...unable to produce a screenshot at the moment.

But I did mention there where no screenshots.

30 Apr 2008, 18:51
sorry extrem unfriendly :( screenshtos are take 1 minute to make it....

30 Apr 2008, 19:47
There. Screenshots added. Real simple. Real easy. Any could have made this. How many of the websites created using vbulletin use this feature. The site I go to. The members didn't take the chances, just to much.

I'm working on making the tables smaller rested on the actually page. But I'm thinking a pop-up is more the way to go. Any ideas. I'm not a coder.

30 Apr 2008, 19:47
sorry extrem unfriendly :( screenshtos are take 1 minute to make it....

Hmm... I guess he feels its more important to have a screenshot than terrorists invading his country, it will give new meaning to "extrem unfriendly".

Good work preech I may use later, and just ignore the iggnorants.

Edit: maybe this will help for a popup? http://www.htmlcodetutorial.com/linking/linking_famsupp_72.html

30 Apr 2008, 19:58
thank you. I'll begin working on it at midnight Middle Eastern time. So people will not have to add this.

30 Apr 2008, 20:32
Thanks for this, Preech. This definitely helps users when customizing their profile.

codershark, how rude! Be considerate. If you wish to see what it looks like, install it on your test board. I think Preech has more things to worry about at the moment....

30 Apr 2008, 20:41
Thank you Jase. It's quite as of the moment...giving me some time to catch up on learning how to code.

30 Apr 2008, 20:47
That's good mate.

I was getting a blank page, so I modified the .php file. I've attached the updated file. I named my template just 'color'.

It looks good anyway, so thanks. I will however be modifying the layout somewhat.

30 Apr 2008, 20:52
I put the link for the color code charts to only show when the adminstrator allows members to customize their profiles.

That doesn't seem to be the case with me. I will however have a look through the code tomorrow. :)

30 Apr 2008, 20:53
After you modify it. Any way, I could see what you have done. I didn't want to use it the way I'm using it now. I wanted to be a small chart off to the side of the edit profile page. But like I said. I'm really shakey with coding. The military take to much of my time away from it.

30 Apr 2008, 20:59

This line:

eval('print_output("' . fetch_template('color') . '");');

I've just changed to the word 'color'.

Same goes with:

$globaltemplates = array(


define('THIS_SCRIPT', 'color');

Then name your template 'color' so that it can fetch the correct template.

I put the link for the color code charts to only show when the adminstrator allows members to customize their profiles.

For this to work, you need to change:

<tr><td class="alt2" nowrap="nowrap"><a class="smallfont" href="colorcode.php$session[sessionurl_q]">$vbphrase[user_color_code]</a></td></tr>

To :

<if condition="$show['customizelink']"><tr><td class="alt2" nowrap="nowrap"><a class="smallfont" href="colorcode.php$session[sessionurl_q]">$vbphrase[user_color_code]</a></td></tr></if>

When I've worked on a better layout, I will provide you with the updated files preech so that you can take a look and see what you think. It's good nonetheless -- I would never of thought of it, anyway hehe. :)

30 Apr 2008, 21:01
No, thank you. You are the one that help me figure out what was wrong, I was doing an idea, instead of asking. Besides, this task seemed fairly easy. It didn't take long at all.

30 Apr 2008, 21:08
Hehe. I'm actually working on a neater layout, and have a pretty good one so far. Just need to finish it off and add some border lines ect.

I will then pass you a screenshot. :)

01 May 2008, 12:21
Thank you very much :)

02 May 2008, 18:40
hey stranger ;).. this is nice. i'll give this a try asap

02 May 2008, 18:47
Sup Rapsearch. I"m working on changing the layout a little bit more. To make it open in a popup instead of going to a different page.

08 May 2008, 14:45
Hey folks - I'm new to VB, at least this portion of it.

I'm not sure what contents to put into the new Color Code template.

09 May 2008, 20:27
Im really looking forward to this mod. Will make things a lot easier....

10 May 2008, 15:00
Wow this seems very useful, I look forward to it once it has a popup :)

15 May 2008, 11:33
Sorry. I've had this done for awhile now. But, like I said. I'm in the war zone right now. Soon as I get a chance, I'll upload it.

silly rabbit
01 Jun 2008, 13:00
That's good mate.

I named my template just 'color'.
Ditto! Noticed that too. Thanks Jase2 for php. How to fix navbar so it retains/displays "> User Control Panel" first? Also, in "vBulletin Options -> Profile Options" make sure that "Profile Styling" is checked otherwise menu item will not show up at all in "UserCp -> Your Profile" menu. I have a fresh, new install of 3.7.0. . . :) :) :)

Also, how to incorporate this into main post editer (without having to manually edit -> COLOR="#990099")? Hummm . . .


01 Jun 2008, 15:31
Silly Rabbit. After my last post, I took this into consideration. So what I'm attemping to do now is just that. Vbulletin has this already, but to me the color box's are small and limited. So I'm back to the drawing board. I know it says unsupported but I am working on updating this and making it better.

18 Sep 2008, 18:40
Seems I'm having an issue. I got the new template created, the new Phrase, and dumped colorcode.php in.

I can see the Color Chart on the profile page, and when I click it, it opens colorcode.php, but the contents are blank.

What am I doing wrong?