View Full Version : Running vB on a load balanced web server setup?

01 May 2008, 03:05
Ok, I have a site on a DB and web server combo which is running great, but I will have to upgrade to a 2 web server setup with a load balancer inbetween then and was asking on vb.com about this since I don't quite understand how this actually works and was hoping for some help...

Basicly, if I add a second web server with a load balancer, do I have to setup some kind of replication between the two servers to keep the web files instantly up to date between the two computers, or does the load balancer somehow use the hardware resources of the second computer without me having to setup any kind of replication between the servers?

Also eva from vb.com mentioned that I might have to do some kind of custom vb file hacks to make a vB forum work under a 2 web server enviroment.

Any tips or clues on how to do this and any conceptual help in understanding all this would be greatly apprecaited!!

01 May 2008, 05:38
You will need to make sure the same data is on both web servers and keep it up to date frequently, so there are no problems browsing from one page to another. I think there are a few things that need modified but I don't know exactly which. By the way, is it really necessary for you to use this setup? Can't you just upgrade your web server and leave out complications?

01 May 2008, 15:11
There is really just a few cases to were you will be best using a share between the two servers, ie you allow image/file uploads or even store the css in a file, that way the 2nd server will use the share to grab the files it needs.