View Full Version : Website Hosting -- Opinions?

Masked Crusader
06 May 2008, 19:26
Hello there.

In the past I have used Media Temple and Host Gator as my two primary hosting solutions. I have had issues in the past with both of them and I am ready to branch out to something new.

Any opinions/experiences/feedback about what you guys have used in the past or are using now would be greatly appreciated.

Couple of Criteria:

* I am looking for a month-2-month contract.
* Not looking for a huge about of space/bankwidth -- 50-100GB of Space and 200GB+ of Bandwidth.
* Multiple (4+) or Unlimited SQL Databases.
* Up-to-date PHP/SQL versions.
* Solid upload/download speeds for FTP. Was getting alot of Timeout issues with Host Gator.

Thanks mates.

King Kovifor
06 May 2008, 20:17
Please use the vBulletin Hosting Forum found at vB.com. vB.org doesn't allow these types of discussions any more. You may find this forum located here: