View Full Version : What server configuration does vB.org uses ??

09 May 2008, 03:46

I wonder why I could not find this topic anywhere around the forums. I am very much eager to know:-
How does vB.org manages such a huge database.
What is vBulletin.org's server configuration ??
Is vBulletin.com and vBulletin.org on the same server ??
I simply love the site's performance, its never slow, its never down !! Anytime there are over 1000 users viewing the site, how is vB.org soooo fast and stable then ??
thankss :)

09 May 2008, 06:28
They either use one single high end server, or split it between a web server and a db server which should be pretty beefy too. (Think quad cores, 15K RPM HDDs in RAID)

Marco van Herwaarden
09 May 2008, 09:30
Don't have the exact specifications on my mind now, but all the Jelsoft sites (frontpage, members' area, vb.com & vb.org) are running on 1 serverpark consisting of multiple webservers with load balancers and seperate MySQL servers.

For more info please refer to vB.com as they maintain the servers.