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17 May 2008, 00:59
Well heres another little addon everyone can prolly use.

This puts a navigation bar throughout the site, with dropdowns that you can use to put links in, if you were to network your site to other sites and communities.

Follow the instructions and Enjoy.

Screen Shot is attached.

17 May 2008, 01:11
Demo? please

17 May 2008, 01:51
screen shots please

17 May 2008, 03:18
Demo? please

screen shots please



21 May 2008, 19:34
really nice :)

demo at www.tv-forums.co.uk

06 Jul 2008, 19:26
Awesome, thanks.

13 Jul 2008, 11:35
This looks good!

13 Jul 2008, 16:58
Funny thing this is, its the same on WHT (http://webhostingtalk.com)therefore your code belongs to iNet interactive.. so didnt k4z (http://k4z.org)lot code it

22 Jul 2008, 04:49
very useful and nice, thanks "install"

Brandon Sheley
11 Aug 2008, 07:58
nice mod, I've seen these before but never made into a vb mod :D

Freedom Redeeme
14 Aug 2008, 19:24
how can i make it so it loads in the same browser and does not open in a new one? :confused: Also this is a very useful mod Thanks :)

14 Aug 2008, 21:32
how can i make it so it loads in the same browser and does not open in a new one? :confused: Also this is a very useful mod Thanks :)

same question ?

16 Aug 2008, 09:02
This is not good for SEO , bots pick up the Text , I have greatly Adjusted this for SEO and had awcoding make it a plug in for me via a $headernav template with user group based viewing of icons , i also styled it to blend with my header img


You will see my drop down is an img this prevent SEO bots from returning the included text on Search engine listings

i have used another moded version of it here


I have yet to update the dro down to prevent SEO bots from reading it

Heres a tip , View your site as an SEO bot sees it


Heres mine

#[1]Diesel Bombers RSS Feed

[2]Diesel Bombers

[3]Go To The Home Page [4]About Us [5]Join The Bombers

_______________________________ Search

[7]Bomb Site [8]Arcade [9]Casino [10]BOMBARDIER [11]Bomb Bay [1]
[12]Sweepstakes [13]Clubs

Diesel Bombers

User Name __________ [_] Remember Me?
Password __________ Log in

[14]Register [15]Blogs [16]Search [17]Today's Posts [18]Mark Forums
Read [19]Chat Room



Then content

heres my google listings

Heres a user of this mods site as an SEO bot sees it ......

[Our Network --........] [divider.gif] [Sister Site --]


[2]Your Ad Here
[3][ad-1-agt.jpg] [4][ad-2-bgt.jpg] [5][ad-3-hsm.jpg] [6][ad-4-bb.jpg]

[8]Register [9]Image Gallery [10]DONATE! [11]CHAT [12]Arcade
[13]LostSOS [14]Search [15]Today's Posts [16]Mark Forums Read

Register Now for FREE!
Our records show you have not yet registered to our forums. To sign up
for your FREE account INSTANTLY fill out the form below!
Username: ____________________ Password: ____________________ Confirm
Password: ____________________ E-Mail: ____________________ Confirm
E-Mail: ____________________
Submit [_] Agree to [17]forum rules

Javascript Needs to Be Enabled in Order To View Site.


User Name __________ [_] Remember Me?
Password __________ Log in

then content

as you can see the SEO bot picks up the Network bar


Our Network --, TitchPitch.com, HighSchoolMusical3.org, Our Youtube, ImageTag, Wrestling Desires, LostSOS. Sister Site --, TV-Streams! ...

Over and over again in his Search engine results descriptions = BAD SEO

This mod is very handy but needs to be better implemented to remove its draw backs

17 Aug 2008, 04:30
Would be even better if it does not open up in a new window.great mod,thank you!