View Full Version : Changing domains

17 May 2008, 17:30
Please forgive me if I'm in the wrong area with this question.

My VB is registered to my present domain and I have purchased a different domain. What is the procedure to follow to make sure my VB is still legit on the new domain?

17 May 2008, 17:39
You'll probably have to check the members area of vbulletin.com and contact support to change your domain to the new one.

18 May 2008, 08:19
Change the domain in the Members' Area.

20 May 2008, 07:41
Change the domain in the Members' Area.

Very simple to do once I found out where to do it, thanks.

Marco van Herwaarden
20 May 2008, 08:46
Login to the Members' Area and click on Edit License.