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18 May 2008, 12:49
I have recently upgraded to vB 3.7 and on trying to backup database on the server I get thie follow error:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home2/forum/public_html/includes/adminfunctions_backup.php on line 77

The files listed in the error are sometimes class_core.php or some other database related files in the includes folder.

I have re-uploaded the files the error displayed but still th problem hasn't been solved. Please help me with this as downloading the databse onto my Pc takes a lot of time due toe slow internet connection.

Awaiting a reply...

Thank you!

18 May 2008, 12:50
Your DB is too big to back it up through PHP in 1 go.

Best advice: Perform the dump via SSH.

Marco van Herwaarden
18 May 2008, 12:52
The only reliable method of backing up and restoring a database is with shell access via telnet or ssh. This is because backing up with a PHP script like that in the Admin CP or phpMyAdmin can result in PHP timeouts errors and an incomplete backup file. Please see the instructions here:



P.S. If you don't have shell access, some people have also reported success with these scripts:




18 May 2008, 13:17
I wasn't experiencing this when I was using 3.6.8 and even 3.6.9. Is it possible to change the timeout limit?

Marco van Herwaarden
18 May 2008, 13:28
Yes you can change the server config to increase the timeout, but that would not change our suggestion not to use any webbased backup.

PS Are you sure that your 3.6 backups are complete?