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19 May 2008, 08:09
As requested in this thread: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1523840#post1523840

This modification is simple, it basically just gives your chatbox a Title. What you put in your title is up to you. I recommend forum rules, but you can make it whatever.

This modification is only for CYB Chatbox here http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=177552&highlight=chatbox
Therefor you must have this installed first!

This was just an idea I had the other day. Since installing it, shoutbox spam has decreased, and the same with spam around the forums, it appears more people (so far) are following the rules, but it is still early days. But you can change the text to what ever you like, maybe even include an advertisement link in their. :)

This will display on top of your chatbox something like this:
"Shoutbox & Forum Rules: Have Fun! but No Spam, No Begging, Post in the correct section and respect fellow members."

Of course just edit the message to say what you like, and you can change the link to your forum rules as well. If you still have no idea what im on about, just take a look at the screen shot I uploaded in the original thread I created. (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1523840#post1523840)


Step 1:
Go to your admincp

Step 2:
Go to Languages & Phrases and ensure it is expanded (in the side bar)

Step 3:
Click on Search in Phrases

Step 4:
Find; Search for Text, type in: cybcb_chatbox

Step 5:
Find; Search in ... , click:Phrase Variable Name Only

Click Find

Step 6:
The one that says:
cybcb_chatbox Standard Phrase ChatBox
Click Edit next to it.

Step 7:
Now type in what you would like to show for your title in the text box.

Example: Shoutbox & Forum Rules:Have Fun! but No Spam, No Begging, Post in the correct section and respect fellow members.

Step 8:
All done :) I broke down these steps for people who have never done this before, most people could do this very easily, just search for the phrase cybcb_chatbox and then edit to what you like, but I thought it would be better to give some good detail.

If this was useful, please mark as installed, and I will support you if you have trouble, and will continue to provide updates in the future if things change with the mod.


19 May 2008, 13:16
& here is my preview:

Thanks For Your Kind help


20 May 2008, 14:52
Apprciated thanks :up:

21 May 2008, 08:15
Thx fot this.

22 May 2008, 08:59
Glad to help, if you like it or its useful, please click install :)

06 Jun 2008, 10:42
many thanks a great help

04 Jul 2008, 11:25
Great. :) THX

13 Aug 2008, 13:06
Many thanks

27 Dec 2008, 07:02
Thanks, I centered it to make it look nicer and then doing that made the arrow go to the left side so it looks very tidy too ^-^

29 Jul 2009, 06:53
oops posted in wrong thread

23 Aug 2009, 11:20


10 Sep 2009, 00:16
Thankyou for this, i am a newbie to vbulletin and learning as i go along, i found your step by step instructions very helpful!

Marked as installed - thankyou! :)

21 Sep 2009, 09:56
Hello, love the chatbox,

Not sure if this has already been covered, but can I add this to my front page using vBadvanced CMPS?


28 Dec 2009, 10:40
Thanks for Sharing,,,,, Good and Nice Hack.,,,,, Keeep iiitttt Up

05 Jan 2010, 18:31
very nice thanks, centered mine too looks great.

23 Apr 2011, 16:57

I installed it and did not work so far. I am using VBulletin 4.1.2. Maybe this is the issue.

I have issues as follow:

1) do not know how I type in for "host". Is it my url website, as my-site.net or host IP? Give me the example. I found out already.
2) do not know channel mean to me. Give me the example. I found out already.
3) I could not find te cybcb_chatbox phrase to make a change. Still could not find the phrase!