View Full Version : Is it Possible To Move Users From A Forum To Another Forum

21 May 2008, 01:06
Is it possible to move users accounts from 1 v bulletin site to another, I own 1 forum, and it's not doing to well members wise it has 15,000 members, and I wanted to just shut it down and move the members to my new site which has about 2,000 members so they could use there existing user name, and password, there is about 500 members I want to be moved but will prolly just move them all if possible. Can this be done with MYsql like mergeing or something or some other way?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Paul M
21 May 2008, 08:54
You might be able to use IMPEX.

Marco van Herwaarden
21 May 2008, 10:22
I would ask the permission of these users before you do anything like this.

If i register as a member on Forum A, then this doesn't mean i want to be a member on Forum B (and have my private details moved to this new board).