View Full Version : How do I see server load times?

22 May 2008, 18:21
I'm experiencing slow load times since the upgrade to 3.7 and my members are complaining.
I have a small private board with 50 members total, usually no more than 10 active at once.

I've mentally counted up to 8 seconds before a load or to execute a query but I'm wondering where in the admin control panel that I can actually see load times and what would be appropriate for this number of users.

We are on a shared server.

Thank you for any help.

22 May 2008, 18:39
If you're using linux, you can type uptime to see load averages in SSH. It should be under 1, depending on what else is running on the server and the amount of addons you are running. Perhaps you need to tweak your PHP/Apache configs.

22 May 2008, 21:41
The server load is in the admincp in the right pane once you enter the admincp, its next to how many users are online 1.00(5min avg) 1.00(10 min avg) 1.00(15min avg)

22 May 2008, 23:02
Make sure all your templates are upgraded to 3.7 templates as well