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24 May 2008, 09:12
I've exported a vbulletin databas and it uses Swedish characters.

The SQL-file includes characters such as , but they turn into UTF-8 format when I'm starting an import via MySQL source.

For example: Jke becomes Jåke

What am I doing wrong? The table setup (charset etc) is identical, but the usernames, posts etc are all changed to UTF-8 characters.

What changes do I have to do in MySQL > source ****.sql

Marco van Herwaarden
24 May 2008, 09:20
If you use the same characterset for both the source and target database, then there should be no conversions.

24 May 2008, 09:45
Yep, i'm using BigDump now and I found the setting for charset. Changed to UTF8 and it worked fine now.

But I'm stuck on the attachment-table. I get: MySQL: MySQL server has gone away constantly as soon as I hit a certain few attachments...

Any tip how to get around that problem?

But how can I change charset via mysql source? I tried charset_name but it only says changed but nothing really changes when I type status.

Marco van Herwaarden
24 May 2008, 09:57
You can not just change the charset. If you change the charset then you will most likely also need to convert the data.

Server gone away error should be resolved by your host.

24 May 2008, 10:18
I think I figured it out myself... oddly enough =)

Bigdump will fail if it encounters attachments (or insert queries) that are larger than 450kb... so I deleted all attachments bigger than that. Looks to be working now.