View Full Version : Installation Problems

26 May 2008, 13:44
Firstly when installing. What does this mean (part of the installation guide). What do I do?

Now CHMOD the /arcade directory and all its subfolders to 0777

Also, if my navbar uses images instead of text, after I have made a arcade navbar image, how do I use this to go to the arcade?

26 May 2008, 23:38
I am wondering the same thing.
What does chmod mean?

27 May 2008, 01:27
If you are using SmartFTP or a similar client you simply right click the folder and select properties.

Then you change the permissions ... 777 means read, write, and execute permission.

27 May 2008, 17:05
I am wondering the same thing.
What does chmod mean?

Just to clear this up, CHMOD is actually the *nix short form of 'Change Mode', it changes the permissions of files and folders to decide what can be done to them, and by who. The most common modes are 655 and 777, although many variants are used. 777 allows full execute and write access to the folder, usually only used in folders which require files to be modified or uploaded by scripts or users. Most standard FTP clients support CHMOD functions, I use FileZilla and you simply right-click a file or folder and select the CHMOD option.