View Full Version : Somw new Folder

27 May 2008, 08:12
have switched to new hosting there is few folder by deafut in public_html


now issue is www.mknexusonline.com/forums here is 1 error i don;t know why it's show me this error 2nd my Mods that i ma using who wants Chmod 777 that's not working properly there is any connection with above these folders

27 May 2008, 10:54
The folders are for FrontPage when using FrontPage to upload your site through FrontPage to your server, you can delete them if you dont use FP to upload your site.

You error is a path issue in the classifieds program your running, fix the path in the classifieds file where the path is supposed to be set, the path on your old server differs from the path on your new server, use info.php to find the new path that your site uses and the install instructions from the classified program to correct the issue.

28 May 2008, 05:33
but i never usd any classifieds Mod even i removed my Mods currently i am not using any mods