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27 May 2008, 21:45
this is a shared host BTW.

I am getting killed here, I had the server host allow up to 500 connections and there are only 21 of us logged in, still get DB errors "too many connections", already checked config.php file, & the number of persistent connections wasset to "0".

any ideas?.

does anybody use Yahoo servers? they seem to have a lot of features for the price.


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28 May 2008, 05:14
I dont think this is the correct forum to ask for hosting suggestion, though if your looking for shared hosting I recommend ASMallOrange.com to start with.

28 May 2008, 05:22
21 MEMBERS logged in, but how many GUESTS are hitting the site? Right now, my site's @ 495 guests...

28 May 2008, 08:06
Please read the announcement (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/announcement.php?f=232&a=38). :)

28 May 2008, 15:17
sorry boys, soo unethical of me not to read all the rules ;-(.

thanks for your help, i did get what I needed.