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28 May 2008, 15:45
Following a few requests I've upgraded my FreshBlue template (http://www.vayadesign.net/blog/comments/free-vbulletin-template/) for vB 3.7.


Please leave the footer note and link in place.

Demo: http://vaya.ws/vb37/index.php?styleid=2
Download: 81391


28 May 2008, 18:59
really nice. Thanks for this smooth style.

29 May 2008, 00:57
very neat thanks ;)

29 May 2008, 01:40
very neat thanks :up:

29 May 2008, 01:54
Nice, I really like this skin :)

29 May 2008, 03:23
nice style


01 Jun 2008, 23:09
I have solved some issues (e.g. navbar and notifications drop down boxes being too low) by reading previous comments about FreshBlue, but these are still my outstanding problems. Hopefully someone can fix them.

Just prior to the rounded curves showing for a split second you see this:


When you logout for example, this happens. I was able to reduce the width of the two boxes I created, but the footer bar refuses to get in line with the right border.


When you register, you see this big space. Can we shrink it up a bit?


01 Jun 2008, 23:26
Someone emailed me this as being the problem for the Freshblue navbar:

Your navbar is set to position: relative. Absolutely positioned
elements (such as the dropdown menus) are positioned from the start of
an already positioned container block. To fix it you need to move the
menus outside of div#vb_navbar.

Dom.S, I how this will help fix the problem with the Navbar and the Notification drop down box as well.

02 Jun 2008, 08:52
Hi Parture,

As is stated at the top of this thread, this release is unsupported. I've simply updated a theme that was initially released for vB 3.5, following several requests. Unfortunately, as I have stated via email to you, I do not have the time available currently to make further changes. I am not aware of the theme having any major issues and as such I'm sure it's better released as-is than not at all.


02 Jun 2008, 21:00
I understand your position, but let's try to work on it and fix it when we have the time if it avails us. One person ("attroll") writes, and this may be helpful to you if you do make changes...

I installed the style in my test site and I am not really a program but I think if you look in your navbar template at the top you will see this code:

PHP Code:
<div id="vb_navbar">

<script type="text/javascript">
function log_out()
ht = document.getElementsByTagName("html");
ht[0].style.filter = "progid:XImageTransform.Microsoft.BasicImage(grayscale=1)";
if (confirm('$vbphrase[sure_you_want_to_log_out]'))
return true;
ht[0].style.filter = "";
return false;

There is something in this code that is doing it. If you remove this code then the header gets screwed up but the drop downs go in the right place. I tried trying to figure it out but I don't know anything about javascript at all.

02 Jun 2008, 21:06

Suggested idea. Instead of spending so much time saying you don't have time to fix these problems, perhaps it would serve you better, and more importantly others, to actually fix them or find someone with the skill to be able to do so.

02 Jun 2008, 21:13
My XEON player is also off-center due to FreshBlue.


02 Jun 2008, 21:17
Perhaps someone with the knowledge base can fix these problems. Here's hoping. I still like the style more than any other. It's a shame it doesn't get fixed as Dom.S noted lots of people like it and have used it.

07 Jun 2008, 14:07
Nice skin! I like it.

A question: how to make it fixed width?

09 Jun 2008, 08:56
I think you should be able to achieve that by going to All Style Options then changing Main Table Width and the #freshBlueContainer width (in Additional CSS Definitions) to how ever many pixels/percent you want it fixed to.

09 Jun 2008, 15:39
Thanks Dom.S for you advice.

I've tried and seems I got the same problem as Parture do. But, at least, can anybody tell me why this style is left aligned? How can I make it center aligned?

18 Jun 2008, 20:45

10 Jan 2009, 03:33
how to center my logo? can anybody help me, please


problem solved, just adding <center> in header template

13 Jan 2009, 16:16
Very Nice Thanks