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29 May 2008, 19:25
Quick Go-To-Top Link

This mod is brought to you by
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Many people, including me, are too lazy to scroll up the page when reading a thread and wanting to go back and click on the index link at the top of the page, so I made this very simple but usefull mod that has become a must have in all of my templates. It adds a "Top" link between the "Previous Thread" and "Next Thread" links at the bottom of each thread.

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Thanks are appreciated!

I hope you enjoy this mod =)

08 Sep 2008, 02:01
thanks very usefull i was looking for something like that

08 Sep 2008, 11:03
thanks instal working

06 Oct 2008, 02:46
so I made this very simple but useful mod that has become a must have in all of my templates.

This is very true and should be a must have in all vBulletin future releases. Am surprised they have not done this ??

06 Oct 2008, 06:36
I have always been surprised why they didn't implement this into the normal vBullentin releases. Thank you for this great and easy code.

I think they should look into setting this up as a button next to the reply buttons or something in the final releases.

06 Oct 2008, 09:45
Oh!, code removed

07 Oct 2008, 16:03
If you use some languages on your forum you can change Top for $vbphrase[top] on that code. I think it is better !

15 Dec 2008, 06:13
You're right f4vn, I'll add that into the mod

15 Dec 2008, 10:01

21 Dec 2008, 00:41
Sorry, newbie here, how do I install this? Thanks

31 Dec 2009, 09:27
Install on vb4, thanks

26 Jan 2010, 11:00
How would I get this to show above my quick reply box? Right now it is is below it but I see in your screenshot that it is above the quick reply. Thanks in advance!