View Full Version : Any VBulletin addon development tips?

31 May 2008, 18:01
I've been a software and web developer for more than 10 years however I'm still new to developing applications and addons for vBulletin. Are there any vBulletin coders/developers that could give advice on the best way to go about developing an addon such as planning and designing? Is it better to design an addon or application so that it resides in the vBulletin installation folder or in it's own folder under the domain root? Is it better to design an addon or application as a stand alone to get it working outside of vBulletin then work in the integration? Any advice in this area would be a great help and greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance! :)

31 May 2008, 19:09
The way I learned was to download a couple of modifications I wanted and then looked to see how they went about it. I've also read some of the articles in the vb articles forum.