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02 Jun 2008, 15:49
I am getting a database error that crashes my main forum every couple of hours, at the moment 2 of my other sites that were with a domain registar (xreg) that is no longer operational. I have transfered them away from xreg just waiting for them to become live.

My question is, because the other two forums are not working at the moment would this cause this error, the bulk of the errors are on my main forum but am still getting some from the domains that are not live.

Thanks in advance.

mysql_connect() [<a href='function.mysql-connect'>function.mysql-connect</a>]: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061) C:\WEBSITES\www.shoppingtelly.com\forum\includes\class_core.php on line 311

02 Jun 2008, 15:58
vBulletin can't connect to the database.

This could be caused from many reasons, like mysql not running, or not configured properly. Contact your host about the issue

02 Jun 2008, 16:23
See this page for the causes of this error:

02 Jun 2008, 16:23
Did you move off the winblowz server yet?

Paul M
02 Jun 2008, 16:43
Please respond only if you plan to help, this thread is not the place for a chat - use the PM system.