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07 Jun 2008, 13:12
ok heres the thing, notifications and emails dont work for my account on the forum.. not gotten around to asking the other admin yet...

however heres the weirdness, l used the diagnostic tool to send to both my forum email and my gmail with both -f and normal mode. the email arrives at my gmail account but it does not arrive as my forum email address.

whats puzzling me is that l have my address whitelisted for the spam filters, and if it did get snagged by the spam filter ld see it so l could whitelist the address.

an example of my setup mailwise would be:

vbulletin settings
domain: example.com
email notifications come from: no-reply@example.com

now lets say l test the diagnostic tool and send to me@example.com the email doesnt arrive nor does it send regardless of any settings l make, however if l input my gmail address into the diagnostic tool it sends and arrives fine.

so what lm assuming is vbulltin isnt even sending the emails that are associated with the forum scripts domain but anything thats sent to a domain other than the one the forum script is associated with in this example "gmail" it works fine.

07 Jun 2008, 14:11
did you at least asked your web host to see how your mail is configured???

07 Jun 2008, 14:11
If example.com's email is hosted on a different server than what the sending SMTP server is running, and there are domain email aliases in place, all email to that domain would be dropped into the local server, not into the remote server.

Check your mail logs (usually /var/log/maillog).

07 Jun 2008, 17:55
its a dedicated server, everything is on server, the thing is it originally worked but the last few months its just stopped. and it only affects if its send from vbulletin

08 Jun 2008, 06:06
Have you looked at your mail logs?

09 Jun 2008, 11:45
just did a retest on diagnostics, lm not sure if this would be the entry but its around the last 10mins l ran the test to see what happens

Jun 9 11:35:37 srv pop3d: LOGOUT, ip=[::ffff:]
Jun 9 11:35:37 srv spamd[13658]: spamd: connection from localhost [] at port 48308
Jun 9 11:35:37 srv spamd[13658]: spamd: setuid to root succeeded
Jun 9 11:35:37 srv spamd[13658]: spamd: still running as root: user not specified with -u, not found, or set to root, falling back to nobody
Jun 9 11:35:37 srv spamd[13658]: spamd: processing message <GTUBE1.1010101@example.net> for root:99
Jun 9 11:35:37 srv spamd[13658]: auto-whitelist: open of auto-whitelist file failed: locker: safe_lock: cannot create tmp lockfile /.spamassassin/auto-whitelist.lock.srv.animeotk.com.13658 for /.spamassassin/auto-whitelist.lock: No such file or directory
Jun 9 11:35:37 srv spamd[13658]: spamd: identified spam (1000.0/5.0) for root:99 in 0.0 seconds, 834 bytes.
Jun 9 11:35:37 srv spamd[13658]: spamd: result: Y 999 - GTUBE,NO_RECEIVED,NO_RELAYS scantime=0.0,size=834,user=root,uid=99,required_score=5.0,rhost=localhost,raddr=,rport=48308,mid=<GTUBE1.1010101@example.net>,autolearn=no,shortcircuit=no
Jun 9 11:35:37 srv spamd[13633]: prefork: child states: II

its all l can see in the logs apart from the logging in and out.

10 Jun 2008, 21:19
lve spoke to the host and they have taken a look and from what it seems this problem only affects Vbulletin and only those hosted on our dedicated server.

11 Jun 2008, 22:24
I appears this is a cpanel server, i have a disliking for spamass, i don't use it, you could simply disable it or use something else, there are a few options out there to use with cpanel servers, i would run the repair script for spamass from the scripts dir and see if it fixes the tmp file creation issue also make sure the server is up to date and your not running a bleeding edge release.

11 Jun 2008, 22:33
l tried looking into the issue again today l still couldnt get things to send but l found the corresponding entry in the logs.

2008-06-11 21:49:41 1K6XGH-0005IE-KC <= user@srv.example.com U=animeotk P=local S=1121 id=20080611204941.a2a286916353@example.com
2008-06-11 21:49:42 1K6XGH-0005IE-KC => stoner <stoner@example.com> R=virtual_boxtrapper_user T=virtual_boxtrapper_userdelivery
2008-06-11 21:49:42 1K6XGH-0005IE-KC Completed

nothing arrived in my email, and the SMTP settings for some reason have messed up when trying to use the non phpmail method.

(note lve removed the actual domain as the sites content is adult and lm not sure it would be allowed to be linked from here)

also l would VERY much like to hear of some options l could use with Cpanel that will help block spam (as you can see from here l used boxtrapper).. as long as the systems allowed for mail varification before delivery (such as link clciking etc) a bonus would be allowing for customisation of templates used etc of emails sent out to verify emails.

11 Jun 2008, 23:30
Well, with the msg's that your providing from the mail log, that dont leave us with much to work with, so i cant really say much on it.

It could be a boxtrapper or spamass issue, is your host not able to provide you with any help on this issue or are they at a loss as to what the issue is or dont provide this type of help for free?

I doubt this will do much, but try doing a ./fixeverything from the scripts directory.

There are a few scripts in the scripts dir i wouldnt mess with unless your well versed in cpanel/linux.

12 Jun 2008, 00:08
ran fixeverything supposedly fixed something but not my issue, l will track it down as a possible boxtrapper issue or assassin one, altho l would very much like to have something that functions like boxtrapper but better.

12 Jun 2008, 00:19
You can try a --force and reinstall the entire email system using the scripts provided, but be careful as you will most likely have some sort of issue after doing so and will need a bit of experience to fix cpanel issues that arise from running those scripts.

Seeing as i cant see the exim email logs, theres not much more i can suggest to try and ifx the current issue.

As far as alternates to boxtrapper/spamass, you can go read in the cpanel forums, there are a few free ones as well as pay ones to use.

12 Jun 2008, 00:55
lm going to look into trying ASSP instead of boxtrapper and spamassasin, looks like it will do what l ask it.. hoping this might fix my issues if not then l have more work to do.

appreciate your advice anywho.