View Full Version : Moving The Location Of My Forums From A Folder To The Root Directory

08 Jun 2008, 18:59
I've currently got my forums set up in the /forums directory. I have an index.html redirect setup also.

The problem is, the index.html redirect is pretty slow. If I deleted the index.html file, then moved the folders from within the /forums directory to the main root directory, would this cause any problems?

Thanks to anyone who can help.

08 Jun 2008, 19:07
If you're moving the forum, you will probably have to adjust the config for the new path. This move will probably break any external links.

08 Jun 2008, 19:26
The forum's not open yet so I don't think external links will matter.

In config.php would I just change this:

$config['Misc']['forumpath'] = '/home/users/public_html/forums';

To this:

$config['Misc']['forumpath'] = '/home/users/public_html';

Thanks for your help man.

08 Jun 2008, 19:30
I believe that would be sufficient :).

08 Jun 2008, 20:07
Worked perfectly :)

Thanks for your help royo.

09 Jun 2008, 05:14
It is not necessary to set $config['Misc']['forumpath']. You should leave it as nothing ('') unless vBulletin asks you to set it.