View Full Version : Will VB2.3 run on PHP 5.25 & mysql 5?

09 Jun 2008, 02:37
I'm currently working on upgrading my site from VB2.3 to VB 3.71. In the process the host upgraded the OS for me and is installing all the security updates. we just came back online and though I can see my site, we can't login.

it's not recognizing any of our logins. when trying to login to the user CP it brings you to the email password recovery form. when clicking into a forum it says no forum specified. when clicking into a thread, same thing not specified.

FYI, the new 3.71 site which is on the same set of servers is working fine.

I assumed that with the OS upgrade I might run into an issue here or there but I never thought it would kill the site.

anyway my question is will VB2.3 run on a system with
* PHP 5.2.5
* MySQL 5

thanks in advance

Paul M
09 Jun 2008, 02:40
I cant think of any reason it wouldnt work fine myself, but I would think you would be better off asking/confirming this on the vbulletin.com site.

09 Jun 2008, 04:08
I think someone once mentioned vB2 won't work on PHP5 - but I'm not sure and and don't see any reason why it wouldn't work.

09 Jun 2008, 06:15
vB2.x will NOT run on MySQL5 and PHP5. You will need to upgrade to 3.6.10 or 3.7.1 or downgrade PHP and MySQL on server to versions 4.x

09 Jun 2008, 15:04
thanks all. I'm in the process of moving to 3.71 but I need the old site running till then.

it's sorta working but certain pages won't. first issue i've found is online.php. it two locations it uses show() which doesn't work. for example.

while ( list($key,$val)=each($guests) ) {
$onlinebits .= show($val);

if I comment out the show($val) line in both locations the page will load. it's not right but it loads. if i leave them in, I get an internal server error. private messages & the user CP are havign the same issue.

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I've narrowed the show() issue down to 1 line. it's the call to get whosonlinebit. ?!?! so I edited the template and if I remove all 3 vars $userinfo[where], $onlinebit_email, & $onlinebit_ip the page will load.

I'm throughly confused now

<tr align="center">
<td bgcolor="{firstaltcolor}" align="left"><normalfont>$linkedname $userinfo[hidden]</normalfont></td>
<td bgcolor="{secondaltcolor}" align="left" width=300><smallfont>$userinfo[where]</smallfont></td>
<td bgcolor="{firstaltcolor}" nowrap><smallfont>$userinfo</smallfont></td>

made a thread at vb.com as suggested

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the host did soemthing and now it works. not sure what it was.