View Full Version : image verification not loading string..

09 Jun 2008, 04:16
ok so when I went to install the force intro thread mod....I realized that when people go to register...it doesnt display the image verification string so it just keeps kicking u back.

click here for what I mean http://www.devil-riders.com/vb/register.php

any ideas? I need to fix this ASAP

any help is much appreciated. thank you!

09 Jun 2008, 04:58
Try to disable all your modifications and see if its still happening.

I've got 2-3 forums that for some reason the registration image wont work, I still haven't been able to figure out the problem so I just started using a different human verification method.

09 Jun 2008, 05:17
In order to use GD Based Image verification in 3.7.0 and higher, you need to have Freetype2 support compiled into PHP.

Most likely the original PHP configure string contained --with-freetype but this usually only enables support for Freetype version 1, which does not support True Type fonts.

To enable Freetype 2 support (assuming that the server has the Freetype 2 libraries installed), this part of the configure string neeeds to be removed and replaced with (normally) --with-freetype-dir=/usr

To find out if a Linux server has Freetype 2 support, run locate freetype2 at the command line and look for some results, usually in /usr/include/freetype2.
The above only applies for using vBulletin's own CAPTCHA.

At your forum, you have chosen reCAPTCHA and the error tells you that you have not entered the key pair properly.