View Full Version : Mini Mods - Forum Row Ad

12 Jun 2008, 06:48
This mod was made for a friend, and I decided to release it here.

This mod allows you to add an ad that looks like a forum for.


Import the product and edit the settings.

12 Jun 2008, 16:40
i installed it but did not find any ?

12 Jun 2008, 18:04
Is your FORUMHOME template custom or default?

16 Jun 2008, 20:37
i merged the posts and threads cells,
how can i merge them in your mod too?

18 Jun 2008, 22:24
where is the ad located? any ss of the forum home?

19 Jun 2008, 13:25
where is the ad located? any ss of the forum home?

It adds it to the bottom of the list.

09 Sep 2008, 20:33
Thanks Installed nicely :D

Adam H
12 Sep 2008, 14:29
It comes up at the bottom of the forum, how can i move it to the middle somewhere ?

26 Nov 2008, 21:11
I would be much better, if there was a option for forum # so we can move it to up or down
normally upper forum is most seen and visited more often..
for example my forum the last Section is all Admin area or trash section..

also another problem is, u can only use a small ads otherwise the forum get too wide

how ever these what i would do for below the forum

To add an ad above What's going on
Look for
<!-- /main -->

(ads code here...)

30 Nov 2008, 03:01
Awesome hack and it's installed. However, like someone already said, having the ability to move it would be great. All of my forums are connected (new categories do create a new block of forums). My very bottom forum is only visible to my staff. That's where my sponsored links are now :(