View Full Version : Forum Home Enhancements - Total Usergroups

12 Jun 2008, 07:13
This addition will show your total usergroups in the stats section of the whats going on table.

Upload the Plugin.

Edit your FORUMHOME template.

Search for:
<if condition="$show['activemembers']">,
<span title="<phrase 1="$vboptions[activememberdays]">$vbphrase[within_the_last_x_days]</phrase>">$vbphrase[active_members]: $activemembers</span>
</if>Replace with:
<if condition="$show['activemembers']">,
<span title="<phrase 1="$vboptions[activememberdays]">$vbphrase[within_the_last_x_days]</phrase>">$vbphrase[active_members]: $activemembers,</span>
Total Usergroups: $countnogroup

06 Aug 2008, 03:37
I'm using 3.7.0 Gold and my social total group is wrong. I have two groups created yet my statistics show 8 total groups.

06 Aug 2008, 07:55
This isnt for social groups. It is for usergroups.

06 Aug 2008, 09:19
Whoops, didn't see that :(.
Useful plug-in either way.

Any possibility to creating a total social groups plug-in?

Chris Sotier
14 Sep 2008, 02:51
Nice thanks!