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12 Jun 2008, 21:06
I guess I have posted this question in the wrong place already so mods, sorry.

I have the newest version of VB running and I use SMTP to send mail.

I get this error when I use the diagnostics tools.

"The mailing function returned an error while trying to send the mail.
The following errors were outputted by PHP when attempting to send mail:

Warning: 501 Unexpected response from SMTP server during FROM address transmission in [path]/includes/class_mail.php on line 586"

I know the SMTP settings are correct my outlook can send and receive email with no problem. Only the forum can't.

Any clues?


12 Jun 2008, 22:00
You need to post the full error from the mail log on the server, a 501 error can be generated for a few reasons.

What sendmail options do you have set in the admincp?

12 Jun 2008, 22:31
I am using SMTP under the email options. I have tried both -f and -+ options if that is what you are asking.

Is there somewhere else to check, i may have missed?

I sent my host a ticket to figure out where the email logs are, I can't find them.

I did tell VB to make error logs too but they are still blank.

Personally I think (but don't know) that VB is only sending the login once and the mail server requires the same login when you send outbound too.

My outlook works that way and it can connect and send with no problems.

When I do make changes I can get other error message so I know this is connecting just can't sent out as far as I can tell.

Does that make sense to anyone?

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I used SSH and viewed the log in real time (well close to that anyway)

The connection attempt does not even show up in the log,

I tested the same account from my outlook and it showed up and it did work.

Would that lead anyone to think its a script setting or maybe something else.

Marco van Herwaarden
13 Jun 2008, 08:40
Most likely problems during authentication. Thi is however very hard to troubleshoot without direct access to the server and log files. I suggest you open a support ticket on this.

13 Jun 2008, 13:59
most likely a missing module that is not built into and a part of your mail system, is the server using courier & sendmail?

13 Jun 2008, 14:46
It worked up until about a week ago when I started upgrading. I had problems with registration but I got that worked out now I am just stuck with a problem with email.


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I started a support ticket but it was a complete waste of time.

I think I got standard answer #21 "That is a problem with either your server not being able o connect to that SMTP server, a problem with that SMTP server itself, or you are using the wrong SMTP info. "

This of course is wrong but that is what support assumes!

Even though I told them Outlook can both send and recieve with the exact same settings it's the mail server not them.

So much for support!

Thanks for you help too.

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I wrote an app in c# that caught the error.

There was an extra Mailto: in front of the sender name of the email. I found it in the code of the Site Name / URL / Contact Details. the line that matches up with the "Contact us Link" form field.

Thanks everyone, a lesson learned. That error number means that the send name is not in the proper or acceptable format for the mail server to read. It can connect but not send because the From name format is not known.

At least it works now, so thanks everyone.

I let support know too, that is something they should have at the least had a clue on (imo). But now they do and that's what matters. If it can help someone else down the road then that is a good thing.

Thanks again everyone :)


01 Nov 2008, 00:15
Thanks for the report I had the same problem and you are the only one that helps me

if there is any other one have the same problem please change the encoding of the page of Contact us link to something simple and not UTF-8 and then delete the character that you see it's strange and save

if you got others problem related with mail