View Full Version : Error when uploading

15 Jun 2008, 02:22
Hi when i upload i get the error in the picture attached.

I went into admincp and under diagnostics i did a upload check and it all was fine :

file_uploads: On
open_basedir: None
safe_mode: Off
upload_tmp_dir: C:\WINDOWS\Temp
upload_max_filesize: 2.00 MB

No errors occurred while opening the uploaded file for reading.

So i can't understand why? It's a 1.2mb Zip file. Any help appreciated!

15 Jun 2008, 06:11
Disable any modifications you have running and try again.

16 Jun 2008, 00:26
For some reason it was my image resizer, but after disabling it, upload success, re-enable it, upload still success. So must have been a glitch, but it fixed itself...


Thanks for reply and advice!