View Full Version : vBadvanced, how to make it my main page?

16 Jun 2008, 16:43
I'd like to be able to go into /forums/ and have the vBadvanced page load instead of the main forums. Is there a way I could rename the vbadvanced PHP file in my root directory of the forums to index.php and the original to index2.php? Something similar?

16 Jun 2008, 16:56
1- change your index.php file to whatever you want... usually forum.php fits perfect...
2- go to Admincp >> vBulletin Options >> Forums Home Page Options ... and in the first field, add the new name of the file, here would be "forum"
3- the vbadvanced file is usually named cmps_index .... simply rename it index now and everything will be good!

16 Jun 2008, 17:10
Thanks, helps alot.

Marco van Herwaarden
16 Jun 2008, 17:10
If you have questions/problems with a modification or style, then please post in the thread (or support forum/board) about that modification/style. Best chance to receive a reply from either the author or another member using the same modification/style.