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17 Jun 2008, 09:36
Hey Guys,

Got a bit of a problem with a vb installtion. I am placing it on a site that has a site wide redirect for .html to .php written in it’s htaccess.
Obviously this was causing a problem for the forum but no matter how I write it, it will not exclude the forum subfolder from the rewrite rule. It excludes other things, just not the forum.

Anyone got any ideas? Had this problem before or know a solution?
I wondered if there is a way to make Vb output as .php instead of .html as this would probably solve the problem too.



17 Jun 2008, 09:39
Have you tried placing a blank .htaccess file in the forum's directory?

17 Jun 2008, 09:40
I have vbseo installed and it is using the htaccess :(

17 Jun 2008, 09:49
This should have been posted on vBSEO's forums, but if you want a cheap fix, under URL rewrite settings choose "Hierarchic directory type URLs with content relevant threads (used at www.vBSEO.com)" or "Non-hierarchic directory type URLs using IDs (used at www.MustangEvolution.com)".

If you have to know-how you can go advance and customize it yourself, but if you don't you're outta luck, but maybe you'll get help from vBSEO, since you did pay for their product.

17 Jun 2008, 09:53
Thanks for the help royo, this actually seemed to make a difference it ignored the subdirecotry now.
Got some rewrite code to play with but that's do-able.
Sorry for wrong thread placement, I didn't think it was really vbseo's fault.

Marco van Herwaarden
17 Jun 2008, 10:37
Fault or not, the best place to get support on a vBSEO install is their own support forums.