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17 Jun 2008, 17:07
I bought a forum, version 3.5.4, and I would like to clean it. Is there a way to install a new version with the last database, to be sure there's no custom script, previous code changes, or something like that, instead of just updating it ? During the migration, I found a trojan, and many suspicious things that tell me I can't trust the last owner. Maybe I'm a little bit too paranoid, but I want to be sure that there would be no problem in the future :D

Thanks for your help...

Marco van Herwaarden
17 Jun 2008, 17:22
To be sure no mallicious code is being used anymore, you could use ImpEx (download from mebers area) to only move your users, forums and threads to a new database (fresh install, only default files). This should result in a clean board. Only downside is that all items (users, threads, etc..) will be renumbered, so old links might not work anymore.

17 Jun 2008, 22:20
Thanks Marco, I will check this...