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Lady Divus
22 Jun 2008, 03:15
Does anyone see what i am doing wrong here?

Incase the attachment was to hard to read, here is what it says...

Step 2) Connect to the database

Attempting to attach to database

Error description: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/usr/local/mysql-5.0/data/mysql.sock' (2) /home/content/p/r/e/premierstation/html/forums/includes/class_core.php on line 311

The database has failed to connect because you do not have permission to connect to the server. Please confirm the values entered in the 'includes/config.php' file.

22 Jun 2008, 03:31
check your config.php that you enter all information correct .

database name, database user name and password .

Lady Divus
22 Jun 2008, 03:46
I did do that...Still doesnt work for me.

22 Jun 2008, 08:23
Please read through this page (http://www.vbulletin.com/docs/html/editconfig).

Lady Divus
22 Jun 2008, 08:43
God bless you Dismounted...I finally got it working. It has been so long since i had a BB that i lost track of alot of things. I dont think it will take me long to get back into the swing of things...Thank you so very much for your help and the same to you dtv100...Be well -

Lady Divus