View Full Version : My site got hacked

22 Jun 2008, 19:08
Today my site was showing
Hacked by c0derline :)

in the shoutbox, i checked the vbshout.php was edited, is there any way I can scan for c99 shells and all to secure it, I have my own box.

22 Jun 2008, 19:18
which shout you used?

22 Jun 2008, 19:37
vBshout 2.0

22 Jun 2008, 20:44
Remove all modifications and plugins, reupload all stanard vBulletin files and perform steps for securing the server

22 Jun 2008, 20:50
the original vbshout 2.0 had an exploit and was patched by the mods. ZT then updated it with version 2.1 which was only available at vbhackers.com. I recomend you upgrade to inferno shout which is the latest revision.