View Full Version : xachache question

27 Jun 2008, 22:44
we using xcache and every time we change a banner for our sponsors i have to go to xcache
panel and Clear all slots to make new change show in forum.
is this something normal to do ?

28 Jun 2008, 06:49
Please post in the modification thread for support with a specific modification.

Assuming the modification is using the datastore, it should have been coded so that the datastore is updated when things are changed.

28 Jun 2008, 09:00
sorry if i make you think i talking about one of the modification here but no I was talking in general .when i add any new banner using HTML have to clear cache to make it show is all.
if this is not the right section for the question please point me to the right section .


28 Jun 2008, 10:53
Are you referring to clearing XCache or your browser cache?

28 Jun 2008, 11:06
xcache is what I referring .

Marco van Herwaarden
28 Jun 2008, 14:18
There s a thread on vB.com discussing XCache. Maybe it is best to post in there.