View Full Version : Running vBulletin on Multiable Servers

28 Jun 2008, 05:44
I have heard that vBulletin 3.7 can run on multiable servers at one time, that way if one goes down the others will pickup and the site will keep running. If this is true please let me know where to look are please explain what I have to do to make this work.

Thank You

28 Jun 2008, 06:48
Do you mean load balancing?

28 Jun 2008, 08:45
It may be called that... What I want to do is have vBulletin installed on multiable servers, if one or two servers go down the forums will still be online to users until the other servers can be fixed and are back online. When they come back online it will re-sync and update the information on them and continue as normal, the users will never know the site went down.

29 Jun 2008, 06:38
You're probably looking to get MySQL Cluster, which costs quite a bit of cash, though if configured right, they say will get you around 99.999% reliability. This isn't extremely easy to setup and you need to have a lot of funding to configure this sort of set-up.