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29 Jun 2008, 11:26
Slow Response, When Browsing and Posting.

Wait Wait waiting when Posting on my board, not always but most of the time, Browsing Speeds aren't great but when posting it's a complete joke?

Any ides why and how I could sort this?


29 Jun 2008, 11:36
What are the results of the top command in linux when the forum is really slow? Also, what kind of hosting environment are you on? Shared/VPS/Dedicated, Linux/Windows?

29 Jun 2008, 18:11
Thanks for the reply,
Where do I get the top command?
My host is Servage if that's any use?

When it's really slow somtimes I end up getting Databse Error's, If I wait a few mins and refresh the page does come back but it's still a little slow..


29 Jun 2008, 18:22
Ah, shared hosting, well that could probably explain it. How many users do you have online at peak times? Are you running many hacks/mods?

29 Jun 2008, 19:01
My board is not big actively, If anything 5-10 users, I' get the problem a lot when I'm online myself. I've disabled the plug-ins and got some feedback and tested it myself, The browsing was a little faster but nothing brilliant > Due to less queries I imagine. My host Servage have confirmed that the routing is fine and no problems they are aware of.

I've always said it's the database but I really need to find out this problem and sort it, I'm losing a lot of activity and when I already don't have much then it's a big concern.

A little more in detail to understand, Whats happening for me is this:
I click on my forum within my favourites, it then takes around 10+ seconds to find the site and load, if i surf the site straight away there is no problem and things load faster, but, if i hesitate on a page [make a post] for too long then it takes a long time for the page to load.

Bookmarks link -OR- Post Submit > wait, wait some more, and a little more..> then bang - "a" page loads [blank or otherwise] > The URL of the location only ever comes up when the page is "found" [again blank or otherwise]. As I said some times when the response is very slow and the page doesn't even load a Databse Error does Appear.

The state of the database should not affect response times from the domain, if the database was the problem we would see the same problem replicated throughout the site but it's not always there.

Here's what I think the delay seems to be coming from:
browser > response.....long wait...... > content > browser
instead of:
browser > response > content ....[hypothetical wait if database is problem]....> browser.

Database would probably Imply the page loads slowly, but it's the response which is slow, then page itself loads fairly quickly.

A little confusing, Sorry.

Much Appreciated, I hope you can help.


Ideal Web Tech
29 Jun 2008, 19:28
If you havent done so turn on debug mode as that will help you confirm that its not a high server load issue. Since that will give you the processing time taken by the script as well as the queries used (good to determine if you have a bad addon)

29 Jun 2008, 19:45
I'm not really sure what I'm looking at and for in thei Debug Information..

I tested a quick reply post and I counted myself like 10 Secs but it says this...0.67016 seconds

* Page Generation 0.67016 seconds
* Memory Usage 6,039KB
* Queries Executed 18 (?)

Ideal Web Tech
29 Jun 2008, 20:25
You cant test that with quick reply as the page doesnt reload so the counter doesn't update.

Use the full reply so the page is reloaded so the counter will be updated.

29 Jun 2008, 20:39
I had a great example there but shame only me seen it, Stopwatch counted upto 52seconds as the page was 'Waiting on Domain.co.uk'... > I recieved a Blank Page > Went back to the section and my new topic was there!

Replied to another thread using the Full Reply and no problem, 3.6 seconds.

30 Jun 2008, 00:15
Your on shared hosting, your server is overloaded.

30 Jun 2008, 00:43
10 Secs but it says this...0.67016 seconds

This is simple... generation time is for the software to generate the output... the 10 seconds is the time the server send that output to you... so yes, it's not the software, but the server... where you are located there is a load of other sites that use your bandwidth and server power...

you can ask to be moved to a new machine, but as i know Servage, it's a sh**t to kill... so i suggest you change your host, simply... something similar with less clients per machine.

30 Jun 2008, 16:15
Yes I do agree it's the Server,

As I said above, The wait is when it's trying to find the location ..'Waiting for Domain.co.uk' ..Once it's found it loads fine with no problems..There must be somthing though that can improve this problem, shared hosting or not?

What could I say for them to move me?


30 Jun 2008, 16:58
Servage is just terrible with their "clustered" hosting. You should look for a new hosting provider mate, and try to avoid ones that offer 500GB for 5$/mo.

30 Jun 2008, 19:24
Here comes some good news,
I'm very glad now i've braught this up, I payed my hosting last May for 14 Months of webhosting, I reckon > meaning it's the 19th of this Month (JULY) i've got to pay again...A new host should no problem, I payed 75 GBR for servage aswell!

I'm needing some tips, Hosting, Advise? ..Who's good and who's not?

Thanks mate's!

01 Jul 2008, 00:06
maybe go for vps like fdcservers.net or dedicated servers like alphared.com theplanet.com or softlayer.com

Your site probably got enough members to exceeds the shared hosting limits. Vps or dedicated server would be the ideal one?

Marco van Herwaarden
01 Jul 2008, 07:42
For hosting advice please use the forums on vBulletin.com.

01 Jul 2008, 07:46
For hosting advice please use the forums on vBulletin.com.

Affirmative, no problem!

So everyone basicaly thinks it's the Server and not the board nor Database problems?

01 Jul 2008, 18:09
I had a great example there but shame only me seen it, Stopwatch counted upto 52seconds as the page was 'Waiting on Domain.co.uk'... > I recieved a Blank Page > Went back to the section and my new topic was there!

"Waiting on Domain.co.uk" probably means that your server is out of connections and waiting fo free some up before it will deliver your request. Long post times usually means that the mySQL server can't acquire a record lock immediately.

And no, the problem isn't that it's "clustered" (we only run clustering), the problem is that the server is overloaded :)