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12 Jul 2008, 23:49

I got a problem on my forum. My host got som big problems on the server that runs my forum. They had to move it to the last backup of my forum. When i tried to log in again with my admin user and password, i got no way. I checked the memberlist, and my adminuser is deleted. How can i create a new admin user? I know i can do this in mysql, but i forgot how. Can someone help?

13 Jul 2008, 00:08
Register a new account on your forum. Then upload tools.php from the do_not_upload folder of the vBulletin zip file you downloaded from vbulletin.com.

Upload the tools.php file to the /admincp/ directory on your forum, then browse to it through your browser. Follow the on-screen instructions presented and then use the option titles something like "Restore Administrator Access".

13 Jul 2008, 00:46
Tried to do that, but it diden't work. Can't seem to find restore administrator access anywhere.

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It did work now :)

13 Jul 2008, 00:57
"Reset Admin Access"

Edit: Oh OK. :)