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13 Jul 2008, 03:41
Hey guys, Fat Tony69 here again! Here's a MLG Live Event BB Code for you guys, especially you guys with gaming forums. For those who don't know what MLG is, it is Major League Gaming. Every month, for a few months, they have tournaments where they stream it over the internet. I have taken the code and made it so you can use BB Code to put it on your forum! This modification is brought you by TheBestForumEver.com (http://thebestforumever.com):

Title: MLG Live Stream

BB Code Tag Name: mlg


<script src="http://www.{param}.com/thirdparty/liveEmbed/liveEmbed.php" type="text/javascript"></script>

Example: mlgpro (note this is the only bb code you can use for this because anything else won't work.)

Description: To embed live MLG Events

Use {option}: No

Everything else can be left the same!

Please click INSTALL (http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/vborg_miscactions.php?do=installhack&threadid=185150) if you like this BBcode.

Brought to you by: TheBestForumEver.com (http://thebestforumever.com)!