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19 Jul 2008, 23:43
Members usually missuse the visitor messages feature, if someone left them a message on their profile they by wrong reply to it in the same profile and not in the other member's. And then wouldn't count as a conversation and the other member won't be notificated that you replied to him. That's why I thought about a solution to hide the editor from your own profile so you don't post on your profile and be able to post on others with a very simple template edit.

In memberinfo_block_visitormessaging

Change the first line:

<if condition="$show['quickcomment'] AND $show['post_visitor_message']">


<if condition="$show['quickcomment'] AND $show['post_visitor_message'] AND $bbuserinfo[userid] != $userinfo[userid]">

20 Jul 2008, 00:53
There is an option in vBulletin that do this:
Usergroups-> Usergroup Manager-> Edit Usergroup-> Visitor Message Permissions-> Can Post Visitor Messages to Own Profile-> No

20 Jul 2008, 01:55
Haven't seen that.:o

My mod is useless then, can a mod please remove this?

20 Jul 2008, 20:11
What is funny is that I never knew it existed either! I came in thrilled this finally came out! LOL

09 Sep 2008, 15:50

you won't believe the number of times I made the mistake of posting on my own wall like a n00b

09 Sep 2008, 17:37
LOL. Cant believe you missed that in the manual.

12 Sep 2008, 21:52
I just changed the phrase to read "Reply To Sender"-- makes more sense and it solved all the problems on my board.

13 Sep 2008, 00:41

02 Nov 2008, 13:22
Count me in on this knob count:) lol