View Full Version : Mod_deflate vs gzip

21 Jul 2008, 03:01
Now, we have gzip by default from vb admincp. However what iwould like to know is the difference btw gzip and mod_deflate. Now if we excempt that the vb gzip only work for vb pages what kind of differences do we have btw vb gzip and mod_deflate

I have apache 2.2.9 and suspecting that i have mod_deflate installed and gzip enabled at same time.

I know it isnt recommended however i havent notice any server hog. My server loads are always below 0.8 even during peak time ranging 80-100 members with online list updating every 15 min.

As for the lastpart i had the vb mod Yslow http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=178286&highlight=yslow im wondering if that mod is recommended for my server

and that mod was for gzip but i dont have the module_gzip installed. I suspect i have mod_deflate installed but im not 100% that i even have that installed lol. But was wondering if that mod is forgzip do anyone know a htaccess for mod_deflate?

also. if i do have mod_deflate isntalled, any help how to optimize so it can perform better