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Boosted Panda
24 Jul 2008, 22:33
Ever hate the horizontal line in the signatures? Well here is a great way to separate your signatures and give your forum a nice and clean vertical look. This is for the Postbit template layout. I will help with this mod. I am not an expert coder so if anyone wants to give advice it is totally welcomed in a constructive fashion. Enjoy!!!



Replace the Code In between with below



<if condition="$post['signature']">
<td class="alt2">
<!-- sig -->
<!-- / sig -->

The class can be whatever you want the color and design of your signature table to be.

25 Jul 2008, 01:46
"first post" Thanks Boosted

Lady Divus
25 Jul 2008, 02:26
Looks nice...I will give it a try! Thank you -

Lady Divus

Boosted Panda
25 Jul 2008, 02:45
Let me know how ya'll like it! My members LOVE it!

25 Jul 2008, 07:51
doesn't work...

07 Aug 2008, 07:06
Excellent! Thanks so much! :)

12 Aug 2008, 03:01
thanks looks nice

20 Jan 2009, 19:50