View Full Version : change the subfolder for the root directory

27 Jul 2008, 09:54
i've now installed an wordpress in the root folder / and the vBulletin ina subfolder called /foro/

i will like to change this for vBulletin in the root folder, and Wordpress in a subfolder called /blog/

is there some manual or howto? about this...

is it easy?

I'm also thinking about install vBseo, and i will like to do the change after install it.

27 Jul 2008, 11:17
Move the folder first (You may just need to change the URL in the admincp thats all). Then just move the FTP files from the subfolder to the root directory. You'll need to ask on the wordpress support site for help with wordpress.

Install your modifications after to reduce problems.

27 Jul 2008, 12:24
Ok, I already know how to move wordpress, I only have doubts with vBulletin, and...

what about the google indexing? should i make a 301 redirection?