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28 Jul 2008, 15:53
Hey guys,

I've had 3 linux servers so far -- been upgrading gradually as I find what I feel are great deals for dedicated servers. Right now I've got my eye on a deal for a Core2Quad Q9300, 8gb ram, 750gb sata for $135 per month. I'm currently on a dual core 2ghz with 2gb of ram for $120 so this would be a great upgrade it seems.

The question, though, is how well does vBulletin run on Windows 2003? Would I be able to RDP once I set up a tunnel using Putty? I'd love to have a GUI to use instead of command prompt, and I'd also be looking forward to fully understanding the directory tables and what not on Win2k3 compared to Linux. I've also ran into security issues on most of my servers at one point or another, learned from each one, but how well is Win2k3 on being secure?

Just wanted to gauge general opinions and experiences on each. I could always have the server loaded with a Linux distro instead of Win2k3, but when I saw it was no additional charge for Win2k3 it just seemed to enticing to think about it more before I purchase.

28 Jul 2008, 16:00
You don't have to setup a tunnel with Putty, you can just use the remote desktop connection feature in Windows to connect to the machine. By the way, that server seems way too cheap, try not to get robbed.

29 Jul 2008, 03:18
Been running Windows for a while now. If you keep up with the updates, pretty hard not to do since by default it will download them for you when they are available, it will be secure.

I was a Linux zealot, lived by the command line until I put my first Windows server online. Now I would never go back. It takes me 15 minutes to upgrade mysql or php when new versions are released. 10 minutes to add a new domain to DNS, 10 minutes to add a new virtual website. Everything is point and click. Duplicating a websites configuration to move to another server is easy. There is nothing that can't be done quickly and easily.

Marco van Herwaarden
06 Aug 2008, 08:02
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